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Summer outreach

St. Andrew’s on a mission to Cheney Stadium

On Sunday, August 20,  a group of hardy and determined St. Andrew's parishioners will extend our outreach to the … [Read More...]

We learn through song

John, Paul, George, Ringo and… King David

Come join us each Monday evening in August, continuing this Monday, August 21, at 7:00 PM as we take a favorite … [Read More...]

Vestry Viewpoint

Living out “Loving your neighbor” every day – by Kristen Ruscio

WWJD?? Do you all remember when the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” became very popular among Christian youth in the … [Read More...]

Stewardship of creation

Trash, trash, and more trash — or is it?

Ken Rhodes, our Certified Environmental Clean-Up Engineer (and Saint), has some tips for us on handling our garbage … [Read More...]

Celtic Faire News

Put our Celtic Faire on your calendar: October 21 & 22

Our Celtic Faire is a fun, family-oriented festival, celebrating our patron Saint Andrew, Celtic spirituality, and … [Read More...]

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