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The Season of Lent at St. Andrew’s

We have left the joy of Epiphany to undertake a 40-day journey of spiritual refreshment and renewal. In the Episcopal Church we call this Lent. As Fr. Martin stressed in his Feb. 18 sermon, Lent is not for gloom and groveling but rather to straighten up our spiritual houses, to open the windows of our hearts and souls to let in some fresh air, to remember and grow in faith, in mercy, and in God’s purpose for our lives.

You picked up a Lenten devotional booklet on Sunday, which makes for wonderful reading and reflection when saying grace before meals. This year it is based on the Prayer of St. Francis.

Matthew Moravec has also arranged for us to read the entire Gospel of Mark and then be able to reflect on its wisdom on our Facebook page. Please feel free to join us on-line. It is posted early each morning.

Some may choose to worship more regularly on Sundays or at our Wednesday Noon service. Others may commit themselves to serve in ministries from Altar Guild and Sunday School to Food Bank and Coffee Hour. Still others should consider a more regular habit of prayer and meditation.

As Fr. Martin wrote: “I encourage you to take on some Lenten practice or discipline in order to observe this Lenten time and season: God is faithful, and when we turn our hearts and attention to God, God will meet us where we are. So let us enter into and observe this Lenten gift, that we ‘may come to the fullness of grace’ which God prepares for us. Now is the time.”

(Lord,) You bid your faithful people cleanse their hearts,
and prepare with joy for the Paschal feast; that,
fervent in prayer and in works of mercy,
and renewed by your Word and Sacraments,
they may come to the fullness of grace
which you have prepared for those who love you.
(Book of Common Prayer, p. 379)



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