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Plan now to join us at our annual parish meeting!

St. Andrew’s Annual Parish Meeting will be held this Sunday, January 29th, beginning with a single worship service at 9:00 am. 8 O’Clockers can sleep in, 10 O’Clockers need to set their alarms!

Following our combined service, we will go downstairs to Puddicombe Hall for a one hour meeting. At our meeting, we want to hear from YOU in response to two questions:

1) For what are you thankful here at St. Andrew’s?
2) What would  you like the Vestry to do in 2017 regarding the 3 priorities from our parish conversations:

  • Prayer & growing in faith
  • Reaching out and welcoming others
  • Seeking reconciliation in the community

Following our discussion, we will elect Vestry, Diocesan Delegates and Endowment Committee members; receive Financial Reports, and look forward to the coming year.


Annual Reports, including the 2017 Budget and 2016 Financial Reports, Vestry nominations, and reviews of the past year, were distributed on Sunday, January 22, and can be picked up at the church office.

Please plan to be there for prayer, worship and sharing in leadership! It is essential that we hear from you!



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