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Adult class on radical sending concludes tonight

Join us this evening, Monday, October 3, at 7:00pm in the Ada Webb Room, for the third and fourth installments in exploring a fascinating concept called “Radical Sending.” The focus is on how we extend our participation in the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement out into the parts of our lives where we spend most of our time, in work and in family. How do we take Christ’s healing message out into the world?

The opening session began with a video clip in which Demi Prentice introduced us to the questions and challenges of this approach to daily life. Then Fr. Martin facilitated a lively discussion on what it means to see St. Andrew’s as a base camp for our work- and family lives, and how this, in turn, might affect what we do every day. The focus the second week was on community.

If you missed the first two sessions, the final video segments and a summary of previous discussions will make it very easy to catch up!

Discussion topics will continue to include:  How do we go about doing God’s work and being Christ’s body in a society that is increasingly secular?  How in your current job or daily activities do you (or might you) act as the Church in the world, part of the body of Christ?

The series is based in part on the book by Demi Prentiss and Fletcher Lowe. Please join us!

The News Tribune highlights Celtic Faire 2015

St. Andrew’s heads into the wilderness

A host of St. Andrew’s families and friends will take their mission to the sunny shores of Hood Canal this weekend for the annual parish camp out and celebration.

Belfair State Park has opened its doors to us. As its website reports, “Belfair State Park is a 63-acre, year-round camping park on 3,720 feet of saltwater shoreline at the southern end of Hood Canal in western Washington. It is noted for its saltwater tide flats, wetlands with wind-blown beach grasses and pleasant areas for beach walking and saltwater swimming. The park features swimming, wading, shellfish harvesting, over 3,000 feet of freshwater shoreline and 3,700 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal.”


Under the able direction of vestry member Colin McDaniel, a full slate of fun activities is planned, culminating in a campfire show with live music, smores, and special guests.

Fr. Martin returns from sabbatical

This Sunday St. Andrew’s welcomes our Rector, Martin Yabroff, back from a well-deserved three-month sabbatical, a time of travel, study, and spiritual renewal.

We are looking forward to hearing what has transpired since Fr. Martin’s last update in the June Tartan.

Thanks to all members of our community who worked so hard to keep things running smoothly over the past three months. There are too many of you to name individually, but special recognition should go to our indefatigable Parish Administrator, Linda Brice!

And thanks also to Fr. Dale, Mother Carola, and especially to Mother Judith for presiding and preaching while Fr. Martin was away!