Colin McDaniel on the blessings that make us a community

There were so many lists to be made for the parish camping trip this past Summer. Lists of foods, lists of activities and contingencies, and lists of equipment to borrow and share. And the best things on that trip did not come on a list, after all. People appeared, some staying only for the day. They brought with them their own music, stories, snacks, games, sand dollars, extra Band-Aids, and even a telescope. We pooled our gifts, and every offering was a blessing. Around the campfire, individuals bringing their unique offerings created community in the forest. That’s what made it church. It illustrated the multitude of talents we are blessed to bring to our ministries.

Now commences our busiest season: St. Francis Day, the Hunger Walk, the Celtic Faire, Diocesan convention, Kairos, Cursillo, organ concerts, Advent, the Christmas Pageant, and the many other ways we each participate in the search to serve and to be like Jesus. For each of these ministries, lists are being made. Yet again it will be the multitude of those individual, personal offerings sprouting over the coming weeks that will make it church.

As members of the Body of Christ we are blessed to bring our diverse offerings of time and talent. Take a moment to look around you and give thanks for someone whose voice, skill, craft, or attention to detail helps to create our spiritual community. Together we make it St. Andrew’s.