Gratitude begets gratitude

Remember last year about this time we had some house dinners that we called Gratitude dinners? We shared fellowship over food and shared thoughts of how blessed we are to have the community of St. Andrew’s to enrich our lives? This was part of our Stewardship campaign.

haggisIn the next couple weeks we will be repeating those Gratitude dinners, as part of this year’s Stewardship campaign. There will be some in people’s homes and at least one here at the church for the convenience of everyone. We will NOT be asking for any pledges at that time or even talk- ing about money. We plan to have the dinners between November 11th and 19th. If you would like to HOST a dinner please speak to Virginia Gaub. Be on the look-out for signup sheets, for dinners to attend.

Adapted from Virginia Gaub’s article in the November Tartan