Youth’s campaign for clean water a rousing success

Working with World Vision, our youth was able to raise hundreds of dollars in support of clean water for families and children denied access to it.

They chose to raise money by selling Brown Bear Car Wash tickets with all proceeds going to World Vision. Brown Bear was chosen so they could raise money and not pollute our own Puget Sound area with a traditional car wash.

youthservers2016_medThe history of the project: Last spring our youth learned that nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene. By providing safe drinking water, good hygiene and sanitation facilities such as hand washing stations and latrines, preventable child deaths are cut up to 57%. Chronic malnutrition decreases by 40% along with a decrease of 50% in school absenteeism among girls. These are not perfect but definitely going in the right direction! More about World Vision’s program here.

Huge thanks for those of you who able to support us in our mission work.