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Annual Parish Meeting explores a wealth of ideas

More than 60 parishioners gathered in Puddicombe Hall following the 9:00 service on January 29 to transact the business of the parish as well as to explore directions for our missions for 2017.

The Vestry provided two tables overflowing with tasty, healthy snacks, as well as coffee and juices, and, as is our custom at St. Andrew’s business was conducted with extraordinary efficiency.

We honored retiring Vestry members Terry Bonet, Virginia Clark, and Josh Mergens before electing Liz Herriges, Don Ramage, and Kristina Younger to three-year terms. Pam Tinsley and Don Ramage were elected as Alternate Delegates to Diocesan Convention, joining Continuing Delegates Amanda Mergens and Norbert Herriges, and New Delegates Reberta Skinner and Frank Lawler. To resounding acclaim, Bill Brice was elected Parish Treasurer, and Wynn Hoffman and Tim Lowenberg were elected unanimously to join Mark Adams, Bill Brice, and Pam Rhodes on the Endowment Committee.

Bill Brice verified that our parish finances are in good shape.

You can find detailed financial reports and budget figures in the St. Andrew’s 2016 Annual Parish Report, which is available through the Church Office. In this document you can also learn about the activities of all of our ministries, as well as the latest figures from the Outreach Committee.

Then Fr. Martin asked each table to discuss the following questions:

  • For what are you thankful here at St. Andrew’s?
  • What would you like the Vestry to do in 2017 regarding our three priorities: 1) Prayer and growing in faith 2) Reaching out and welcoming others 3) Seeking reconciliation in the community.

Spirited discussions at each table yielded a number of interesting suggestions for Vestry initiatives. Watch for details in the weeks to come!

We are truly blessed to have such engaged, dedicated servants who work so hard to know Christ and make Christ known!

Jaana Jokimies to offer a program of “Nordic Delights”

On Sunday, February 26, at 3:00 PM, the St. Andrew’s Organ Concert Series is honored to welcome the Finnish performer, Janna Jokimies, for the second concert in our annual series for 2016-2017.

Jaana Jokimies graduated in piano studies from the Helsinki Conservatoire in 1986 and  in organ studies from Kuopio Conservatoire in 1989. She then studied at Sibelius Academy with Markku Heikinheimo and received her Master of Music in performance in 1993.

Jaana Jokimies has participated in several international master courses e.g. in Switzerland and Holland. She has given concerts in Finland and abroad both as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles. Jokimies has performed four-handed organ music together with the Japanese organist Yoko Sakiyama. In June 2008 she was the first Finnish organist to perform at the Rikkyon University in Tokyo.

Jaana Jokimies has been working at the Kotka Music Institute as teacher of piano and organ music since 1990 and as assistant headmaster since 2013.

Source:   American Guild of Organists, Tacoma Chapter

Presiding Bishop Curry on our response to the inauguration


This past week, Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States, in the tradition of Presidents dating back to George Washington, gave his farewell address to the nation. Next week Donald J. Trump, in the same tradition of this country, will take the oath of office and be inaugurated as the 45th President.

We recognize that this election has been contentious, and the Episcopal Church, like our nation, has expressed a diversity of views, some of which have been born in deep pain. Read more here!

An Epiphany message from Fr. Martin

Dear Friends,

As your pastor, my heart is filled with gratitude for this congregation – for all the people of St. Andrew’s and for those who visit (some to stay and some to be blessed as they journey on). Our Christmas services, as you can see with the photos in the January issue of The Tartan (in color online!), were wonderful. Many people worked faithfully and patiently to draw these services and our ministries together.

Our stewardship is generous. Our welcoming is warm and sincere. And we are striving to be open with one another and to new opportunities. Not that we are perfect, but we are growing and healing and God is sanding off our rough edges.

I am mindful, especially as we begin a new year, that we live in the midst of so much change. In the world around us, technology, climate change, and social movements accelerate more and more. (I am reading Thomas Friedman’s new book Thank You for Being Late, which discusses such accelerations.) Issues arise that we may not have recognized before. Relationships develop, are challenged, and by the grace of God are healed. Our own bodies change (whether we like it or not).

Our thankfulness for our many blessings as a congregation and in our own lives should not excuse us from recognizing such changes. Instead, our gratitude and our faith in God can strengthen us to engage our changing world – serving as a strong foundation and helping us to not be afraid.

I pray that in this New Year we will be open to God’s call to us as persons and as a parish to serve God’s people and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are not a large parish, but we are strong in faith and in blessings. We begin this Epiphany season hearing the words of the prophet Isaiah: “I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness,…I have given you as a light to the nations, to open the eyes that are blind, to bring out … from prison those who sit in darkness.” (Isa. 42:6f)

Let us turn to God with thanksgiving, and be ready to go and serve where God leads.