Still time to join a table for Quiz Night

This Saturday, May 20, at 5:30 PM the St Andrew’s community comes together for  Quiz Night, a time of merriment, shenanigans, and friendly competition.

Everyone at that table dresses up in “costume” and brings a potluck dish for the table. Themes can be elaborate or simple. At each table there will be an envelope for any additional funds (optional) a person wants to put toward the ‘dessert dash’ that is full of all sorts of wonderful desserts. After shared appetizers and eating dinner with your table-mates, the quiz begins!

Cost: $12 per person—Participants: Choose a theme, decorate your table and provide food and utensils for your table. Coffee and water are provided. Each table brings a dessert for the dessert dash.

If you missed the sign-up this Sunday, call the Church Office to secure a spot.