Summer Bible Study continues August 13: Women in the Bible

When you think of courageous leaders in the Bible, who comes to mind? Deborah, who led Israel to victory over the Canaanites, or Jael whose actions brought an end to 20 years of oppression? What about Ruth? and Rahab? Did you know that their names appear in the genealogy of Jesus?

Join facilitator Pam Tinsley and the Daughters of the King this summer as we explore in two sessions, “Women of Courage” and “Women Whose Names Appear in the Genealogy of Jesus.” We will hear about their stories of faith and talk about how their stories – and lives – are relevant to ours today.

The Daughters of the King will offer this study on Sunday, July 23 and Sunday, August 13 from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Georgie Chapel.

We will be reading excerpts from the book Women of the Bible to introduce us to these remarkable women. This book is available for less than $10. For information regarding its pur- chase, please contact April Wallace or Pam Tinsley.