Small group kick-off meeting on January 14

There will be an initial meeting with everyone who signed up to be in a small group
on January 14th in between services at 9:15am downstairs in the Puddicombe Hall. Please let the Rev. Meghan know if you cannot be there.

The Rev. Meghan will go over any questions that people may have and also clarify the spiritual autobiography and how the first phase of the small groups will go. Then your small group will together discuss when to meet and whether or not you want to meet at the church or in someone’s home. Bring your calendar to this meeting!

Small groups at St. Andrews will be a gathering place for congregants to meet regularly in order to get to know one another more deeply and grow in their understanding of love of God, neighbor, and self. Its purpose is to draw the St. Andrew’s community together in a more intentional and intimate way throughout the week.

The small groups would have two phases. The first phase would be focused on each member sharing their spiritual biography (a template will be provided). For those who wish to continue there will be second phase and would involve the group deciding what their focus would be going further ie. a book, prayer, a spiritual practice, social justice issue to explore, etc).

We will be getting these off the ground and Rev. Meghan will be your support along the way! At first we would hope the groups would meet weekly, but then moving to bi-weekly would be an option. We will have the small groups start the second week of January and then break in June (for those who continue with the second phase) for the summer. We will re-shuffle the groups starting in the fall and re-open the opportunity to the community.

If you are interested please sign up by December 3rd and then the church staff will work on putting the groups together. You can email Rev. Meghan here  to sign up, if you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the full customary that goes into more detail about the groups. There will also be a sign-up sheet and the customary in the Ada Webb room. If you have more questions feel free to talk with Rev. Meghan or Fr. Martin.