The Fabulous Folders

There are many ministries at St. Andrew’s that are “behind the scenes” — those people who are dedicated to ministries that most people may not even know exist. One of these groups is the Fabulous Folders. These volunteers come to the church office once a month to fold and label the Tartans in preparation to be mailed. The volunteers include Peggy Nelson, Peggy Woods, Margo Fleshman, Niki Weekes, Shirley Morton, Christy and Charlie McDaniel, Devena Thomsen, Ann Morgan, Reberta Skinner, Virginia Rothenberg, Carol Baarsma, Virginia Gaub and Sue Lester. Each month you will find 6 or 8 of these women in Fr. Martin’s office sharing life stories, life lessons and laughing — lots of laughing!

Thank you to these dedicated Fabulous Folders!