Strong turnout at our Annual Parish Meeting

Nearly seventy parishioners packed Puddicombe Hall for our Annual Parish Meeting following the nine-o’clock service on Sunday. After a delicious brunch buffet supplied by our Vestry, we got down to business. Fr. Martin had already delivered his “State of the Parish” message during the service.

We gifted and thanked Colin McDaniel, outgoing Senior Warden, and Pam Rhodes for their service. Colin and Pam both spoke eloquently about the spirit of cooperation and focus on this Vestry, and they both urged those who have not yet served to consider running for the Vestry in the future. Outgoing members Virginia Gaub and Kristen Ruscio were thanked in absentia.

We elected three new members to join continuing members Liz Herriges, Don Ramage, Charles Roberts, Susan Rowe and Kristina Younger: Jessica Richards, Hayley Adams, and Ken Rhodes. The Parish also approved the Vestry’s proposal that Vestry membership be limited to eight members for 2018-19. Fr. Martin announced that he had asked Susan Rowe to be his Senior Warden, and that she had agreed to serve in this key position.

2017 alternates Pam Tinsley and Don Ramage will join holdovers Reberta Skinner and Frank Lawler as delegates to Diocesan Convention in 2018. We also elected new alternates Virginia Gaub and Colin McDaniel .

Angela Barr was elected unanimously to join continuing members Wynn Hoffman and Pam Rhodes on the Endowment Committee.

Parish Treasurer Bill Brice outlined the financial state of the parish for 2017 and presented the budget for 2018. Any parishioners who could not attend our meeting can find the pertinent documents in the 2017 Annual Parish Report, available at the Church Office. The Report also contains detailed reports from the leaders of our parish ministries.

Table discussions focused on three questions: 1) What is on your heart about St. Andrew’s? 2) What is your understanding of the Jesus Movement? 3) How could St. Andrew’s participate more actively in the Jesus Movement in 2018? Notes taken by scribe Pam Tinsley will be included in the February Tartan.

Our meeting concluded with a wonderful blessing from Fr. Ed and a rousing version of the Doxology.

DISCLAIMER: This article represents information contained in the Annual Meeting Agenda and the recollections of the Webmaster. For the official record, please see the Minutes of the 2018 Annual Parish Meeting, which will be compiled by Recording Secretary Dianne Koch Stefanko, available through the Church Office, and included in the 2018 Annual Parish Report.