Kitchen Team Would Like YOUR Input

Our Kitchen Team is looking into the feasibility of a complete remodel of the kitchen in Puddicombe Hall. Over the period of three months, the Team has had several meetings during which we analyzed current kitchen use and efficiency, studied possibilities for future use, contacted manufacturers and local suppliers and visited other church kitchens.

The team has already done site visits to other churches, contacted manufacturers and local suppliers and has had several meetings over the last three months. Planning is far from complete but we would now like to engage the Parish for their visions and suggestions.

Time for an upgrade?

On June 3rd, after both the 8 am and 10 am services, team members will be available to receive comments. A short questionnaire will be distributed on both May 20th and May 27th to then bring to the June 3rd meeting.

Further along in the process, we will have more accurate information about costs, designs, consultants, timelines and of course, fund-raising.

If you are unable to attend the June 3rd meeting, you may contact the team members: Carol Baarsma, Reberta Skinner, Sandy Dick, Angie Barr, Wynn and Margie Hoffman and Ken and Pam Rhodes.