Discussion of “Green Book” to highlight Black History Month

Please join us tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in the Ada Webb Room.  Our session will be moderated by parishioners Sandy Dick, Annika Jeffers, and Reberta Skinner. We will be discussing the film Green Book and the reality of white privilege.

The class will continue on Monday, February 25th. The class format does not allow for viewing the movie, so please see it in advance. It is playing at several local theaters, including the Century Point in Ruston and the Grand Cinema in Tacoma.

The film “Green Book,” starring Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, and Linda Cardilini,  written and directed by Peter Farrelly, is based on a true story. Tony Lip and Don Shirley were real people, and the movie grounds their journey to the South in piquant historical details. The book referenced in the title was a guide used by black motorists to help them avoid the dangers and indignities of road travel, especially below the Mason-Dixon line. Don’s record company, having booked him on a tour through several southern states, hires Tony to serve as a de facto bodyguard as well as a chauffeur. 

The film has generated considerable discussion since its October release. Critics have decried the reliance of the plot on stereotypes. Some moviegoers have found the relationship between the two men to be inspiring. Come and share your experiences and your take on the movie. Bring a friend.