Annual Soup-Potato Fundraiser

A feast for you

The Soup-Potato Fundraiser has become part of the St. Andrew’s Lenten time of renewal and reexamination.

We gather in fellowship during March for a modest meal of soup and potatoes. Several St. Andrew’s families bring pots of their favorite soup, including vegetarian and gluten-free offerings, and the church supplies fresh-baked potatoes with toppings and bread.


St Andrew’s 3rd Annual Soup and Potato Lunch Fundraiser will take place in March after the 10:00 AM service in Puddicombe Hall (downstairs).

The cost will be $6 per adult and $4 per child for soup and a potato. The family rate is $20.00.

Look for sign-up forms at the end of February in the Ada Webb room for;
persons attending
donation of large pot of soup
donation of baked potatoes
donation of toppings for potatoes
donation of breads.

If you are interested in helping with set up and/or clean up contact Kurt Johnston or Reberta Skinner