Keep calm and hear sweet young voices raised in song

Join us tonight, Monday, December 18, at 6:45 PM at the Proctor Starbuck’s for a warm, soothing holiday drink.  Then we will walk a block over to Mason United Methodist Church where the Tacoma Youth Chorus will perform their Candlelight Concert, with beautiful hymns, songs, poems, and scripture. (The concert begins at 7:30 PM. For the best seats, it would be advisable to arrive no later than 7:10 PM.)

This is the final event in a three-evening Advent experience designed by Rev. Meghan and Pam Tinsley to be the perfect antidote for the frenzy, stress and crass consumerism of Christmas.

We already enjoyed two  peaceful and beautiful Compline services, combined with individual prayer and meditation, which helped us open our hearts to the meaning of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you haven’t heard the Youth Chorus, you are in for an amazing experience. These kids practice diligently every week for a period of years, performing locally with the Tacoma Symphony and other professional groups.
The advanced choirs are accomplished enough to tour and sing in cathedrals and churches across Europe.  The enthusiasm of these young people and the sweet harmony of their voices will restore your faith in humanity. Learn more about them on their web site here.

What is a parish nurse? by Cindy Wolfer, RN, MSN

I have been the parish nurse here for approximately 14 years and would like to take this opportunity to share more about parish nursing with you. A parish or faith community nurse is a licensed registered nurse who has completed a training program for Faith Community Nurses. I focus on promoting health and wellness among the congregation in the areas of the mind, body, and spirit. Parish Nurses do not provided hands on care such as dressing changes but do serve as a minister of health, educator, resource, advocate, counselor and consultant as well as a facilitator. I work in collaboration with the Parish Care Team and the priests. The second Sunday of the month I am available between services in the library to take your blood pressure and to listen to your concerns regarding your health. Please feel free to stop by on that day or talk with me at other times before or after church. To contact me: [email protected]

Celebrating our Celtic Faire!

Our 10th Celtic Faire was a great success! Almost 300 people visited our church to shop and eat and watch and learn. Community members were excited to visit our faire and so grateful to us for the opportunity. The final figures shared at the November 19 wrap-up meeting indicate that we made over $10,ooo to use for our parish and community ministries!

The faire would not have been possible without the help and participation of so many members who invited friends, baked Scottish goodies, posted posters, donated auction items, cooked delicious food, washed lots of dishes, and so much more.

Several members have been working for months to make it all possible. Pam Tinsley & team publicized our faire, and Dave Tinsley booked an amazing lineup of talent and kept our website up to date. Linda Brice once again transformed our Nursery to the 2nd Time Around jewelry shop – something people come back year after year to visit, and Bill Brice continues to keep our finances organized. Rena Girard helped us to celebrate all the different clans of St. Andrew’s. Susan Rowe headed our very popular Bake Shoppe, and Sandy Dick led a team to feed hungry visitors at the Lunch Shoppe. Jeffrey Boyce recruited talented vendors who provided great shopping opportunities. As usual, our tea room was an elegant stop for many thanks to the leadership of Reberta Skinner, Ann Morgan, and Jessica Richards. Shirley Morton and her team welcomed visiting kids with fun activities. Ken & Pam Rhodes led a team who prepared an amazing lamb dinner, and Kristina Younger, Jean Lubkin and their team put on a great auction. The Rev. Meghan Mullarkey organized a dynamic team of youth and adults to serve the dinner. Norbert Herriges & his team started setting it all up on Thursday and finished the last of the clean up on Monday. Many thanks to this amazing leadership team!

Plan ahead for next year – our faire is tentatively set for October 20th & 21st, 2018!

Adapted from the Tartan article
by Liz Herriges, our fearless leader!

Small group kick-off meeting on January 14

There will be an initial meeting with everyone who signed up to be in a small group
on January 14th in between services at 9:15am downstairs in the Puddicombe Hall. Please let the Rev. Meghan know if you cannot be there.

The Rev. Meghan will go over any questions that people may have and also clarify the spiritual autobiography and how the first phase of the small groups will go. Then your small group will together discuss when to meet and whether or not you want to meet at the church or in someone’s home. Bring your calendar to this meeting!

Small groups at St. Andrews will be a gathering place for congregants to meet regularly in order to get to know one another more deeply and grow in their understanding of love of God, neighbor, and self. Its purpose is to draw the St. Andrew’s community together in a more intentional and intimate way throughout the week.

The small groups would have two phases. The first phase would be focused on each member sharing their spiritual biography (a template will be provided). For those who wish to continue there will be second phase and would involve the group deciding what their focus would be going further ie. a book, prayer, a spiritual practice, social justice issue to explore, etc).

We will be getting these off the ground and Rev. Meghan will be your support along the way! At first we would hope the groups would meet weekly, but then moving to bi-weekly would be an option. We will have the small groups start the second week of January and then break in June (for those who continue with the second phase) for the summer. We will re-shuffle the groups starting in the fall and re-open the opportunity to the community.

If you are interested please sign up by December 3rd and then the church staff will work on putting the groups together. You can email Rev. Meghan here

 to sign up, if you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the full customary that goes into more detail about the groups. There will also be a sign-up sheet and the customary in the Ada Webb room. If you have more questions feel free to talk with Rev. Meghan or Fr. Martin.

Immanuel Presbyterian to host Interfaith Service of Gratitude

On Tuesday, November 21, at 7:00 PM, the people of all faiths from the Puget Sound region are invited to join together in a celebration of gratitude on the occasion of Thanksgiving. The annual event is sponsored by Associated Ministries.

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is opening their doors wide for this great event. They are located at 901 N. J St.


Soprano Rebecca Dudley to offer a sumptuous feast of song

On Sunday, November 12, at 3:00 PM, our community has the exciting opportunity to hear the artistry of Rebecca Dudley and pianist Debra Leach, as they perform a wonderful program of Celtic, Italian, and English songs.

Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. All proceeds from the concert will go to community ministries of St. Andrew’s. Please join us and bring a friend.

Being free — in Christ

Please join us tonight, Monday, November 27, at 7:00 PM, for the final session in a four-part series on freedom, facilitated by our own Rev. Meghan Mullarkey. The focus of this session will be play, and how essential play is to freedom in Christ. What does it mean that Jesus has set us free, and how do we live into that freedom? The first two meetings explored (loving our) enemies and the power of hope to understand the freedom we have in Christ. The last two meetings explore Sabbath and play as spiritual practices that help us live into that freedom.

The medium that Rev. Meghan will use is podcasts. For those unfamiliar with them, a podcast is like a radio broadcast or a TV show that you can hear or view at a time of YOUR choosing. There are many podcasts out there of interest to Christians, whether of Christian context or of more general interest. They can be inspirational, thought-provoking, or just plain fun. Through a podcast app, you can access them anytime on your phone or tablet, even with no Wi-Fi!

Bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the class, and Rev. Meghan will show you how to subscribe to a podcast and how to access podcasts.

Each class will focus on one podcast and how its message relates to the essential notion of freedom through Christ. You are welcome to listen to the podcast in advance, or you can just come to the class and listen to it there.

November 6 Podcast: The Liturgists on “Loving our Enemies”

November 13 Podcast: Junot Diaz on “Radical Hope”

November 20 Podcast: Dan Allendar on “Sabbath: A Taste of the Kingdom”

November 27 Podcast: Ted Radio Hour on “How Play Shapes our Development”

Please join us for what promises to be a wonderful exploration of freedom and the hope it can bring us!

St. Andrew’s supports the world ministry “Days for Girls”

The Days for Girls group meeting at St. Andrew’s is progressing very well on our goal of sending several hundred “kits” to India in November. The sewing is going well but we discover that we are short of some of the items that must be purchased. If you would be interesting in contributing financially toward this effort there are two ways you can do that. You can go online to and find the gift list made by the Tacoma Days for Girls Chapter here.

There are several items there that can be ordered and delivered to the chapter leader to be included. We can also use hotel size bars of soap and gallon size heavy duty Ziploc bags. We thank you very much for your generosity toward this project.

To learn more about Days for Girls, go to their web site here.

Adapted from Virginia Gaub’s
article in the October  Tartan

Update on the opioid crisis

Deaths from opioid drug use have increased nationally as well as across Washington State. Medicines, especially prescription medications in one’s home medicine cabinet, are easily accessed by others and can be misused by someone wanting to get high. Moreover, many young children have been poisoned by taking medications they find in the bathroom medicine cabinet, whether it be at their home or while visiting someone else’s home. Once done taking a medication, many people think it’s okay to flush the medicine down the toilet or throw it in the trash. While our treatment plants are great at treating sewage, they are unable to filter out medicine. So, when you flush medicine down the toilet, you expose fish in our nearby waters to these chemicals. On October 28 2017 from 10am-2pm there will be a prescription drug take back day. You can bring prescription drugs that you no longer use to be disposed of safely. In Pierce County, there are currently 21 places that you can drop off unwanted medicine in secure drop- boxes. These places include law enforcement agencies and pharmacies. For a complete listing visit the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department web site.

Adapted from the October
Tartan article by Cyndi Wolfer,
RN, MSN,  Parish  NurseCyndi Wolfer Parish Nurse

Worship and learn with us on Celtic Faire Sunday!

On Sunday morning, October 22, at 8:00 and 10:00 AM, we celebrate the Calling of the Clans, with Celtic-themed music and pipers. Come worship with us!

On Sunday afternoon at 3:30, Christine Sine will deliver a wonderful presentation on Celtic spirituality.





And the weekend culminates with the Celtic Faire Banquet, Presentation of the Haggis, and festive auction.