Celtic Faire Slider 2017

Musical program to feature two great pipers and four bands!

Our pipers are back, to much acclaim.  Margaret Nelson will open our program at 11:00 on the big stage upstairs, and Stewart Neveling will pipe our Faire to a melodic and memorable conclusion.

In between, on the big stage, you can hear the sweet tunes of Meara, featuring beautiful ballads and amazing harmonies, accompanied on piano and guitar, along with the beauty and energy of the Scottish Country Dancers of Tacoma.

Downstairs, on the Celtic Village stage, Just Plain Folk will open the program, followed by Irish poetry, recited by Pam Rhodes. Then, at noon, our old friends from Blue Cloud Celtic will take the stage, followed by the sentimental favorites from last year, Two Old Men.


The program runs from 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Stop by for all or part of it!

Calling all kids to Celtic Faire

Besides the great eats, the goodies, the musicians and dancers, we have a special program for kids, including crafting, armor-making, and a kids’ version of the Highland Games. Come down to the Celtic Village and look for the kids’ activity room on the north side of the vendors’ area.

Christine Sine returns to offer workshop on Celtic prayers

Please join us on Sunday, October 22, at 3:30 PM in the Ada Webb Room for a fascinating look at the art and the spirit of Celtic prayer. Christine Sine returns with another wonderfully stimulating and interactive workshop, entitled “Celtic Prayers and How to Write Your Own.”  She will be assisted by her husband and collaborator, Tom. Don’t miss this opportunity!

You can find out more about Christine’s work and ministry at the “Godspace” web site here.

Treat the princess in your life to High Tea

The Celtic Faire Tea Room will offer three settings on Saturday, October 21, at 11:00, 12:30, and 2:00 PM. Treat that special person in your life, be she grandmother or granddaughter to tea with all the trimmings in a wonderful setting, where our waitstaff will do everything in their power to ensure that you have a wonderful experience. Celtic Fair Tea

Scottish Country Dancers will dance and teach!!

The Scottish Country Dancers, Tacoma, will be featured in this year’s Celtic dance program, performing on the Big Stage upstairs from 1:00 until 2:30. They will perform and then invite all interested future dancers to join them on stage and learn some of the basics. See them perform the Selkirk Settlers dance here.

Here is the complete schedule for our Ceilidh (entertainment) on October 21:


Come join the fun at this year’s Celtic Faire. Admission is free!!

The Scottish Country Dancers’ Fall Class Schedule
The plan is to continue dancing on the second, fourth, and fifth Sundays of the month from 4-6 pm at Studio 6 Ballroom, 2608 6th Ave.  Cost is $7 (or $40 for all 6 lessons)  and just $5 for beginners.  Dates: Sept. 24th, Oct. 8th, 22nd, 29th, Nov. 12th and 26th, and Dec. 10th (Holiday Dance Party, not included in series price.)

Haggis Toast Slider

What it means to be a good steward

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word STEWARDSHIP? Things like: “Oh it is fall again.”, or “All they talk about is money, all the time they want more money.” But have you ever thought about stewardship in terms of all of life, in general?

Being a good steward is being trustworthy and mindful of the best interests of others, thinking about family life and the world around you. Preserving the environment is stewardship. Having a budget /financial plan in your household is stewardship. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is stewardship. Have you thought about stewardship in terms of your interpersonal relationships? Working against bullying is stewardship. Protecting youngsters against dangers in life is stewardship. Remember the adage, “Do unto others the way you want them to do unto you.” This is all being a good steward, a good steward of God’s creation and all that entails.

Our theme this year is: “You are the light of the world” from Matt 5:14a In consideration that our church mission statement is “to know Christ and to make Christ known”, we would like you to think about how “You are the light of the world” . Some questions to meditate on:

1. What does being a part of St. Andrew’s congregation mean to you?
2. How does St. Andrew’s help you grow spiritually?
3. How does St. Andrew’s help you serve others?
4. How does St. Andrew’s shape the rest of your week?
5. What does “being the light of the world” mean to you?

Calling all kids to the St. Andrew’s Organ Adventure

On Saturday, October 14, from 10:00 AM until Noon, children grades 1 to 6 and their parents are invited to a morning of discovering about the organ. Led by Naomi Shiga and Jonathan Wohlers, participants will learn about the history of organ, its construction. The class will begin at 10:00 with the introduction accompanied by donuts and milk. Participants will also have opportunity to sing, to play, and even to listen to a little concert (listening to a range of styles from famous organ pieces to Disney music!). And there will be prizes! At the end of the morning, the class will close with an “Organ Quiz” and three winners will receive an ice cream shop certificate! Please invite any kids you know to this event. It should be a lot of fun! (FYI, adults with the “spirit of children” are also welcome to this adventure with our organ!)

Swiss virtuoso Mark Fitze to launch Organ Concert Series 2017-18

The virtuosity of the Swiss organist Mark Fitze will be featured on  Sunday, October 1, at 3:00 PM, in the opening concert of the 2017-18 St. Andrew’s Episcopal Organ Concert Series.

After studying at the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland, and the New England Conservatory of Music, Mr. Fitze received his Masters in Music and Solo Performance under the tutelage of Guy Bovet in Basel. He has played some of the most famous venues in the world. His concerts on organ and harmonium have been acclaimed by reviewers from Japan to the Ukraine.

You can hear audio and video recordings on his web site.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear one of the great young organists of our time! Admission is free, but we welcome donations in support of the Organ Concert Series.