Jenny Glass talks about Sunday School teaching and youth ministries

Happy Easter! The daily Lenten meditations from Episcopal Relief and Development have really spoken to me this season- frank conversations about the blessing of training the young in faith and of listening to how their interpretations of biblical stories and beliefs can enlighten us older persons. And then to see it in action yesterday as I loved hearing young Elaina’s spot on commentary during the Palm Sunday procession- “Yay,” she cried out waving her palm. And it was amazing how all the kids in the older class could remember and piece together the entire Jesus story of entering Jerusalem and the events of Holy Week as described by Mark and be spot-on for many of the connections to the Old Testament.

I have never thought that Sunday school teaching was my calling but after a several years of life as a parent, I realized that this important ministry needs people- whether they believe they have this talent or not. And my few years working with the St. Andrews Sunday school ministry have returned the blessings tenfold- I really appreciated better knowing so many of the youth of the church and have met new people and strengthened friendships as a result of assisting with Sunday school classes.

Thanks to all who provide leadership for our youth, especially our leaders Matthew, Sunday school, and Sunshine, Youth Group, and all the great Sunday school teachers. Last fall, when St. Andrews decided to add the preschool class, we were very short on teachers and assistants and I was concerned about veering away from strict adherence two adults to children ratio in the ‘Safeguarding God’s Children’ guidelines. I thought about speaking up at announcements to ask for more help- but as I looked around the congregation, “altar guild, acolyte, greeter, choir, vestry, lay reader, fellowship”- it seemed like every person in the church was super active in other important ministries, so I decided to stay quiet. Fortunately, St. An- drews didn’t have a Sunday school teacher or assistant shortage for long as a variety of individuals took on this ministry in addition to their other volunteerism in the church. My thanks to everyone who has worked or prayed for the youth education ministry here.

I also wanted to sincerely thank Melissa for her time working in the nursery— a resource that I would have loved had it been available when I first came to St. Andrews as a new mother to Marcos. I was grateful to see via the position announcement that St. Andrews still views this as an important ministry of the church. And speaking of my teen, I also strongly appreciate the interest and open welcome that people show him when he makes his rare appearances at church this past year- this is as powerful for him as any sermon or Sunday school lesson could be.