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By Alain Badiou

Didacticism, romanticism, and classicism are the potential schemata for the knotting of paintings and philosophy, the 3rd time period during this knot being the schooling of matters, early life particularly. What characterizes the century that has simply come to a detailed is that, whereas it underwent the saturation of those 3 schemata, it did not introduce a brand new one. at the present time, this crisis has a tendency to supply a type of unknotting of phrases, a determined dis-relation among paintings and philosophy, including the natural and easy cave in of what circulated among them: the subject of education.

Whence the thesis of which this publication is not anything yet a sequence of adaptations: confronted with this type of state of affairs of saturation and closure, we needs to try and suggest a brand new schema, a fourth kind of knot among philosophy and art.

Among those “inaesthetic” adaptations, the reader will come upon a sustained debate with modern philosophical makes use of of the poem, daring articulations of the specificity and clients of theater, cinema, and dance, besides sophisticated and provocative readings of Fernando Pessoa, Stéphane Mallarmé, and Samuel Beckett.

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