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By Herbert Marcuse

It truly is of the very definition of any "classic" paintings that it'll not just introduce a brand new intensity and course of suggestion, yet that its unique insights undergo. whilst it first seemed in 1940, cause and Revolution by means of Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) used to be acclaimed for its profound and undistorted interpreting of Hegel's social and political thought. at the present time, the appreciation of Marcuse's paintings has remained excessive, extra correct now than ever before.

In the speedily altering context of post-Cold battle political realities, there is not any larger advisor than Marcuse to the place we've been and to what we'd anticipate. As he good understood, turbulent and magnificent political occasions regularly ran inside of channels past set by means of political idea; and he both understood that it used to be Hegel's frequently unappreciated and misunderstood conception which truly set a basic course of contemporary political life.

It is a lucky blend to have a pupil of Marcuse's brilliance and lucid honesty addressing the resources and effects of Hegel's social concept.

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