Organ Adventure



On a Saturday in late July or early August, St. Andrew’s Music Director, Naomi Shiga, designs an exciting morning just for kids, ages 5-9, including crafts, singing, dancing, seeking, learning, snacks and prizes. St. Andrew’s musicians demonstrate the varied sounds possible through voice and a number of different instruments.

JonKidsWith the help of a huge core of St. A volunteers,  the kids build their own organ pipes, explore a life-sized model of an organ, constructed by Wynn Hoffman and Norbert Herriges, and then, for a finale, ascend to the organ loft, where they explore the secret passage at the back of the organ and actually play a few notes.



After an organ quiz, parents and kids are treated to the cornucopia of sounds that our Fritts organ can produce, with concluding performances by internationally known musicians such as Jonathan Wohlers and our own Naomi Shiga.