“Sabbatical Lunch” explores our future together

Close to three score and ten parishioners gathered in Puddicombe Hall following the Pentecost services to enjoy lunch with Mother Judith and talk about their visions for the future of our parish. The lively and wide-ranging discussion began with Mother Judith asking us what we found distinctive about the Episcopal Church and Saint Andrew’s parish in particular. Then the assembly broke into table groups to discuss three key questions that allowed us to focus on what we do best and where we could expand or improve our outreach.

Our facilitators:
MotherJudith Mother Judith

PentecostPamPam Tinsley

There were three themes that emerged: liturgy, community (within St. Andrew’s) and outreach (both volunteerism inside the parish and reaching out to others outside the church). These three different themes are also a testament to the diversity of St. Andrew’s in that people belong to this church for different reasons. For some people they are more drawn to the liturgy, for some the connected- ness within the church, and for others the opportunity to connect outside of the church walls. St. Andrew’s is not focused on any one thing or any one kind of person, but a place that welcomes all people with different backgrounds, ideas, and needs. St. Andrew’s is truly special in that way.

A group of Vestry members and parish staff collated and summarized the results, which you can find in the June Tartan (under “We Communicate” on the web site). If you were unable to make the “Sabbatical Lunch,” make sure that your voice is heard by communicating with one of your Vestry members.

Vestry liaison and organizer:
Kristen Ruscio 3_SmKristen Ruscio