Quiz Nite to test your knowledge and give you your just desserts

Join us this Saturday, May 5, beginning at 5:30 PM for yet another wild, wooly, and challenging Quiz Nite!

Every spring, St Andrew’s holds a quiz night that is full of fun, merriment, shenanigans,and friendly competition. For this fundraiser, participants each pay an entry fee($12) for a place at a table of approximately 8-10 people. Table captains decide on a theme for their table and provide appropriate table decorations. They also work with the people seated at their table to settle on a potluck menu that fits the theme.

Everyone at that table dresses up in “costume” and brings a potluck dish for the table.Themes can be elaborate or simple.

The quiz (a type of trivia quiz) consists of eight rounds of questions on different subjects; each round is scored before the next begins and posted for all to see. Tables are competing against each other for bragging rights and the right to add a token onto a perpetual (and pretty tacky) trophy.Quiz Night Trophy

At each table there will be an envelope for any additional funds (optional) a person wants to put toward the dessert dash, which is full of all sorts of wonderful desserts. After shared appetizers and eating dinner with your table-mates, the quiz begins!

Before the last round of the quiz, we hold the dessert auction. The table that has collected the most money in its dessert auction envelope gets first choice of the goodies, then the table with the next highest amount gets to go, and so on… until every table has a dessert to enjoy. An award is also given to the table that has executed its theme the best. All monies raised in entryfees and the dessert auction go into St. Andrew’s general fund.

If you don’t have a team, sign up in the Ada Webb Room, and we will help you find one. For more information, please contact Kristina Younger.