Organ Adventure: A Field Trip for All Ages

For this year’s “Organ Adventure” we will visit Paul Fritts’s workshop (630 121stStreet East, Tacoma) where our organ was built, right here in Tacoma! We will see how the process of how organs are made in the actual place where this magic happens, and everything will be revealed by the organ builders themselves.

We will meet at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, July 20 at the Paul Fritts & Co. workshop, have donuts together with the organ builders, and then they will give us a tour of the wood shop, the metal shop, the pipe shop, the design studio, and the erection space where the next organ to be delivered is being assembled.

Kids who attend this event will receive a St. Andrew’s Organ tote bag (adults can purchase them at the event for $30). Please invite your friends. While the “OrganAdventure” is for children, we also welcome adults who are still “kids” at heart. To re-serve your space, please e-mail me at [email protected] or sign up on the sign-up sheet in the Ada Webb room.