Barbara Bruns to open the 1918-19 Organ Concert Series

On Sunday, October 14, at 3:00 pm, Barbara Bruns, organist and choirmaster of Christ Church, Andover, Massachusetts, plays the first of this new season of St. Andrew’s organ concerts.

A common thread joining three performers in this season, and also our own organist, Naomi Shiga, is that they are former students of Yuko Hayashi, who passed away last year. This season of concerts is dedicated to their beloved mentor and teacher. Leaving her native Japan for the United States, Ms. Hayashi built a career as an organist and professor whose reach as performer, teacher, and force behind the installation of many organs, extends over several continents. This musical reach also extended to our area, as Ms. Hayashi was a friend of local composer and organist David Dahl, who is often in attendance at St. Andrew concerts. In recognition of this tie, Ms. Bruns will perform a recent piece by David Dahl, Partita on “Christe Sanctorum.”

Ms. Bruns will also bring a bit of New England to us through the music of two modern New England composers, Daniel Pinkham, and James Woodman. Both composers draw on the structures of early classical music combined with distinctive tonal and harmonic colors.

The concert program promises spiritual heights as well as this-worldly verve, with pieces such as Dahl’s Fuga Angelorum, honoring archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and Woodman’s An Extravagance of Toccatas, II. pro Organo aetherio (Italian mystical Elevation toccata style), ending with Toccata III, pro Organo flagrante (“Knuckle-busting barn-burner” style).

I’m sure that you want to attend just to find out what a “knuckle-busting-barn-burner” style toccata sounds like. And, if that weren’t enough, with our St. Andrews signature hospitality, a fall-themed reception follows the concert. Many thanks to the Hoffmans and other parishioners who generously help with receptions, and to parishioners offering financial support.

Please join us on Oct. 14th, and also invite people you know.