Dr. Kirk Webb to explore the interconnected paths of Celtic spirituality

St. Andrew’s is delighted to welcome Dr. Kirk Webb, Director of The Celtic Center for Spiritual Direction and Formation, who will facilitate the Celtic Spirituality seminar at this year’s Celtic Faire. The seminar will meet on Sunday, October 21, at 3:30 PM.

The Celtic Center has been particularly innovative in exploring the ways Celtic spirituality can inform our lives and improve our spiritual and mental health.  Dr. Webb offers this introduction:

I’m honored to be joining you for your Celtic Faire. Our time together will be an exploration of the spiritual dimensions of the dialogue between the human soul and the glory of Nature. The ancient and modern Celtic Christian perspective locates us in an old and refreshingly new perspective of our human place amongst all “things”. Modern Western culture seems intent upon seeing Nature as something to be used or conquered, whereas many older religious perspectives and cultures have held that Nature and the Human Soul are an equal and life-giving interplay of God’€™s revelation in and through the material world. We will explore the idea of Self as it is located in Spirit and how we reside in the sacred beauty of the land.

The Celtic Christian tradition has been a rich part of my personal spiritual growth and experience for quite some time. Having grown up in the Celtic-influenced southern Appalachian culture, I have always been shaped by this wonderfully rich perspective on life, relationships, community, artistic expression, and faith. Numerous trips to Ireland and Scotland as well as extensive study in the Celtic perspective have provided pilgrimage experience and continually growing understanding of the Celtic ways of approaching personal relationship with God and our responsibility toward one another and all of Creation. My theological beliefs and understanding of human experience were developed through a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Seminary as well as counseling and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology. Additionally, I’m honored to direct the work of The Celtic Center which offers spiritual growth opportunities and spiritual direction training grounded in the Christian Celtic tradition. You can find out more about The Celtic Center at thecelticcenter.org. Or feel free to visit Dr. Webb’s web site.

Please join us for learning and discussion at The Celtic Faire. And may peace be with you all.