Tacoma Scottish Country Dancers to perform at Celtic Faire

In a program designed especially for the St. Andrew’s Celtic Faire, the Tacoma Scottish Country Dancers will  weave together story and dance to highlight the compelling stories that underlie many Scottish country dances, both ancient and modern.  Some dances such a “Reel of the 51st Division” have a story about when and why they were written.  Other dances like “Pelorus Jack” depict a story in dance.  Please join us on the Upper Stage for a fun presentation of both dances and the stories attached to them. 

This wonderful program will be followed by a fun demonstration, in which dancers of all ages can try out some  simple Scottish Country Dancing.

The Tacoma Scottish Country Dancers meet bi-monthly to dance.  Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of most months from 3-5:30 pm, with different hours focusing on different levels.  The 3-4 pm hour is especially designed for new dancers, and we love to have new people join us.  Please email us at [email protected] or check our Facebook page for more information.