A Toast to our Celtic Faire, 2018!

Our 11th Annual Celtic Faire was amazing! Over 300 people visited St. Andrew’s on Saturday, and we raised over $9,500. Community members were excited to visit our faire, and almost a third of our participants had attended before and were returning. It was especially fun to meet people who’d come to the Celtic Faire before and this time brought a friend. Many visitors expressed gratitude for the opportunity.

Our Celtic Faire would not have been possible without the help and participation of so many St. Andrew’s members. Many, many St. Andrew’s parishioners pitched in to invite friends, bake cookies and post posters. They donated auction items, cooked delicious food, and washed lots (and lots) of dishes. Visitors were greeted, crowns decorated, lamb was pre-pared, necklaces were displayed, and so much more. It couldn’t have happened without an army of volunteers.

Several members of St. Andrew’s have been meeting and working for months to make it all possible. Pam Tinsley & team publicized our faire, and Dave Tinsley booked an amazing lineup of talent, kept our website up to date, and organized tokens to sell so that people could use credit cards. Linda Brice once again transformed our nursery to the 2ndTime Around Jewelry Shoppe – something people come back year after year to visit, and Bill Brice continues to keep our finances organized. Rena Girard helped us to celebrate all the different clans of St. Andrew’s with the crests in the sanctuary and the Kirking of theclans. Susan Rowe headed our very popular Bake Shoppe (people visit specifically for that!), and Sandy Dick led a team to feed hungry visitors at the Lunch Shoppe. Fr. Martin recruited talented vendors who provided great shopping opportunities and organized a great Celtic Spirituality seminar. As usual, our Tea Room was an elegant stop for many, thanks to so many who pitched in to help this year, including Meghan Mullarkey, Reberta Skinner, Jessica Richards, Terry Bonet, & Margie Hoffman together with an amazing and hardworking crew. Shirley Morton and her team planned for and presented great crafts for our youngest visitors. Ken & Pam Rhodes led a dedicated and hardworking team who served us an delicious lamb dinner, and Kristina Younger and her team put on an amazing auction with so many items on which to bid. Norbert Herriges & his team started setting it all up on Thursday and finished the last of the clean up on Monday.

Many thanks to this wonderful leadership team for all their hard work, and thank you to all who helped in so many ways to make this faire such a success!

Plan ahead for next year – our faire is tentatively set for Oct. 19th & 20th!

Adapted from the Tartan article
by Celtic Faire  Leader Liz Herriges