Supporting Sunday school for ages 3-7

As we look ahead to Sunday School in the spring, we would like to alert you to an opportunity to give and to serve.

Over the last year, a new Sunday School class started downstairs for ages 3-7 or so. The youth group helped clean up and organize the room, and our church bought a few supplies like the wooden dolls used to help share the message each week. It’s a fun class with lots of energetic kiddos who appreciate acting out stories, making music, and plenty of free-play time as they finish art projects or the lesson.

We could still use a little help finishing the room and making it cheerful and usefully equipped, so I started a Wish List on If anyone is willing to purchase and donate any of the manipulatives, music, or books on the list, we would be glad of your support.

To view the list, click on “Account and Lists”, then “find a list” under the drop-down menu. Under search, type in “St. Andrew’s Sunday School (Tacoma)” and it should come right up. If you have trouble accessing it, you can email me and I can send you direct links to the products as well.

In addition, we could use the following assistance: Help securing a cabinet to a concrete wall, for safety Help putting up a bulletin board, clock, and banner

Help sewing a sheet into a toy shelf cover (to keep kids and dust out until we are ready to play)

A colorful banner to hang on the wall, homemade or bought

If any of these things sounds like something you could help with, or you have questions, please let me know through the Church Office. I think our youngsters have a very special place in our church family and should be nurtured. Thanks for your support!.

Adapted from Lilith Tashner’s
article in the October Tartan