Stewardship means sharing

The theme of our fall stewardship drive is that we are blessed so that we can go and bless others, which is also tying in two of Presiding Bishop Curry’s rules in the way of love. Have you ever experienced love or a work of art or a mountain or a sunset so beautiful that you were overwhelmed with what to do with your gratitude? That you had been blessed in such a way that you knew you had to go out and bless others? The source of this deep gratitude is God’s love, creativity, and creation, and this desire to bless others is how God calls us to live. Sometimes we get caught up in the weeds – in the mundane aspects of life or even the hardships of life and forget to look for the blessings in our life. Stewardship is the time of year we stop and reflect on the ways we have been blessed and the things we are grateful for.

I have found these 5 themes of financial discipleship helpful to reflect on when I get too caught up in the mundane or the challenges of life:

  • Everything you have is a gift from God.
  • No one has everything, no one has nothing.
  •  All you have you will lose.
  • While you are in possession of it, you, and only you, decide how to use it.
  •  How you use everything that passes through your hands will determine the kind of
    person you are and will become.

I encourage us all to spend November and beyond reflecting on what gifts we have received from God, what we are so afraid to lose that we are missing the current blessings in our lives, and how to use these gifts and blessings to bless St. Andrew’s and beyond. Let’s take sometime to reflect on the goodness that God has to offer so we can enter the world open and ready to give and receive blessings.