Following the Way of Love through Advent

In December we will live into the season of Advent as a church community. Advent holds a lot of meaning for me and is a season that I look forward to arriving every year. Advent teaches us about waiting and preparing all the while calling us to be present to the moment. Advent means coming, and it is a time that we hope for the coming of Christ – both for his birth at Christmas and for his second coming when he will make all things right. In the meantime we wait, we prepare, and we stay present to the light that overcomes the darkness.

During the month of Advent I will be facilitating a conversation after BOTH services around the season of Advent using the Gospel of Luke and the Way of Love as it is incorporated into the Advent calendars that St. Andrew’s will provide. This will be a casual time to meet and discuss how as a community we are discovering the spiritual depth that Advent has to offer. It will be a time to encourage one another and give one another ideas about how this season can speak into our lives and how we can discover God within it.

Come to share, come to learn, or just come to hear about how others have been impacted by the season of Advent!