Rev. Meghan says farewell

We will begin 2019 by blessing our Curate, the Reverend Meghan Mullarkey, as she goes to St. Columba’s, Kent to serve as Associate Priest. Meghan’s year and a half with us brought many blessings, and we are very thankful for her curacy. Her last Sunday with us will be January 13.

Rev. Meghan reflects on her time at St. Andrew’s:

Leaving and transition are never easy, but are of course inevitable and a part of life. We change and grow and with that come new opportunities, new leaderships, and new ways of being in the world. Just as my arrival brought disruption in the way things usually go at St. Andrew’s so will my leaving. I hope that this will be a time to continue to reflect on the community of St. Andrew’s and your role in it. There are two newer gatherings at St. Andrew’s that I want you to pay particular attention to as I depart. Our family and friends game night and our younger adult gatherings.

Liz Herriges and Colin McDaniel will continue to support family and friends game night. I encourage you to attend, find ways to support Liz and Colin in this endeavor and invest in our young families. These gatherings are wonderful opportunities to get to know one another and include our children in our fellowship!

Jessica Richards and Zach Tanaid have agreed to take on the leadership of gathering our younger adults. This is another area that I hope you will consider supporting, whatever age you are. Reach out to Jessica and Zach and see how you can support them. No matter your age we are one community and need to continue to figure out how to stay connected and show our care and support for one another.

There are two other areas I want to draw your attention to as spaces where you could be more involved or bring some of your own input and that is Adult Education and Small Groups. If you are seeking deeper community or deeper spiritual growth these are two places where you could go deeper. I will no longer be here to structure and facilitate small groups, but if you have an idea for a small group or want to try and gather a group of people to meet weekly there is now some structure and institutional knowledge for that to happen at St. Andrew’s. If you are interested in leading a group please discuss further with Father Martin.

I hope that my coming and my leaving has allowed for the community of St. Andrew’s to reflect on how you want to be the church. To understand further different ways that you can welcome and support people who walk through those red doors. And all the ways that you can go out in the world to not only bring the light of Christ, but to find the light of Christ. Many prayers and blessings to the St. Andrew’s community as you continue to know Christ and to make Christ known. I will miss this place and all the people who make St. Andrew’s such a special place!

From  columns by
Fr . Martin and Rev. Meghan
in the January Tartan