An opportunity to support St. Andrew’s scholarships!

St Andrew’s has a long history of designating 10% of our income to community outreach. Thank you for your contributions to our church making this possible.

Several years ago, in response to a growing awareness of a need within our parishcommunity, the St. Andrew’s Scholarship was established. The Community Outreach Committee recognized the value of higher education to our families and community along with its escalating costs. A portion of the overall 10% outreach allocation was designated to support this focus.

Scholarships have been awarded to youth and adults who are directly or indirectly part of the St. Andrew’s family. In the past, the average award has amounted to about$500 and has been given to 6 to 10 applicants annually. This amount covered the average cost of books for a student. However, according to The National Association of College Stores, and the College Board the current average has increased to about $655 and, depending on the area of study, may be considerably higher. For the first time, the Community Outreach Committee decided to reach out to our St. Andrew’s community to ask for contributions specifically for scholarships.

Our scholarships do make a difference. Recently Hayley Adams wrote;

“The St. Andrews scholarship I received for my college education financially supported my educational goals. With a lesser financial burden I was able to give my full focus on my educational goals, leading me to a degree in Public Relations and Business. St. Andrew’s is a family that supports their own to meet their goals or help overcome challenges.”

Throughout the month of February, we are asking you to make a donation to these scholarships. Please make out your check to St. Andrew’s, and be sure to designate it forscholarships. We know you have many demands on your pocket book and want to thank you for considering supporting this outreach effort. Together we continue to support and grow our community through education. Thank you.

Adapted from  Judy Nelson’s article
in the February Tartan