Vestry retreat sets priorities for 2019-20

I’m a new member of the St Andrews Vestry and have a great deal to learn, both about what a vestry does and how the vestry supports our church community. This past weekend, we held our annual retreat; a day and a half of sharing experiences, food and ideas which concluded with prioritizing three areas of focus for this year’s work along with target time frames for steps along the way. I do love process, so to say I was impressed and more confident at the end of Saturday’s work is an understatement!

A quick recap…Liz Herriges, your Senior Warden, runs a focused, fun meeting that produced concrete results, with actual check-in dates for completion of steps along the way. The details will all be available soon, but the short version is this. Along with the daily oversight of church business, the Vestry will focus on three areas for 2019.

First: Children Youth and Families
grow the youth, family and young adult ministry. What will this ministry look like going forward and how will it be executed? Many folks attended the church meeting on Sunday, January 27th and volunteered to participate further. The ideas generated at the retreat will be shared with this volunteer group, to incorporate as appropriate.

Second: Kitchen
oversee the remodel of the parish kitchen and clarify the future uses that reflect St Andrew’s mission to know Christ and to make Christ known.

Third: Stewardship
support all the various St Andrews giving programs including the annual giving campaign that funds the budget, a planned giving drive to support larger initiatives, and a gift of time campaign to publicly recognize the work that members already provide that makes the daily life of St Andrews tick.

Talk about being ambitious! Well, we accomplished a lot thanks to the dedication and focus of the group. Between Fr. Martin and Liz we completed our assigned work with grace, humor and plenty of delicious food. (Having beautiful weather and a spectacular view didn’t hurt either!) Our goals are ambitious but doable with God’s guidance and all of our support. I left the retreat having greater clarity for my role as a vestry member and the knowledge that I was supported by caring folks who were on the same path as me. This will be an exciting year, thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve.