St. Andrew’s celebrates our 2019 scholarship recipients

On Pentecost Sunday, June 9, we honored twelve wonderful and hardworking individuals as the 2019-20 recipients of St. Andrew’s scholarships. They are Jessica Richards, Zachary Tanaid, Tricia Abbott, Rachael Garcia, Christy McDaniel, Nikolas Gaub, Mitch Greer, Derek Ramage, Elise Wolfer, Cooper Burdick, Thomas Anderson, and Alec Bishop. You can read about their accomplishments and dreams in the June Tartan.

The Outreach/Scholarship Committee would also like to take this opportunity to celebrate and extend a thank you to those members who generously donated to the Scholarship Fund this past Spring. Their generosity increased our ability to support these twelve students.

Thanks go to:

David and Denise Brumbaugh (Diocesan Staff), Tom and Susan Rowe, Ann Morgan, Nancy Gregory, Joanne Ames, Jenny Glass, Stan Stearns, Don and Sophie Ramage