Your Vestry steps up for summer

June ushers in the summer season as school lets out and families travel. Yet while many of us look to take “time off,” God remains faithful throughout our journeys and is ever present as a source of wellbeing, strength and solace. With the comings and goings over the summer, church attendance can wane but our obligations associated with running the parish take no vacations. It is therefore important that, while we might not be around as much as during the rest of the year, we stay current with our pledges to ease strain on our parish budget. So please consider sending your pledges on to the office, though you may be traveling. Your vestry works diligently to be faithful stewards in the administration of your pledges, and we’ve several initiatives which hold the promise of enriching our community.

One initiative involves a committee of more than 20 parishioners (Giorah/Erin Bour, Devyn Cameron, Aidan Colbert, Sunshine DeGennaro, Bryant/Victoria Dodson, Tom Egnew, Bob Ellis, Rena/Riley Girard, Jenny Glass, Liz/Norbert Herriges, Cynthia Johnson, Matthew Moravec, Lilith Pirri, Don Ramage, Jessica Richards, Zach Tanaid, Niki Weekes) under the capable guidance of Colin McDaniel that is meeting regularly to address how to strengthen ministry to youth, young adults and families. We are looking at how other churches engage these parishioners; assessing the needs of our youth, young adults and families with children; and considering leadership models for this ministry. If you have ideas, please share them with any committee member.

Our parish community is therapeutic in a society where alienation and loneliness are epidemic. Social media gives the illusion of community but is limited. You don’t get a hug from an email; you can laugh at a post but that’s different from sharing a laugh; youmay feel understood, but it is difficult to sense empathy electronically. And we have all heard the African saying that it takes a village to raise a child; any of us who have struggled with the challenges of parenting know how very true that is!

St. Andrew’s is more than simply a building; it is more than a liturgy (beautiful as it is to an “Anglicanphile”like me); it is, at its heart, fundamentally a place of relationships—relationships with God, with each other and with ourselves. At the center is Jesus who bids us to love one another as He loved us. Let us use the summer to refresh and recreate ourselves as we seek to know Christ and to make Christ known.