Organ Concert Series Fundraiser underwrites the coming season

Thank you for attending our annual fundraising event for the organ concert series on Saturday, July 6. Our own Dave Tinsley and his group, Just Plain Folk, played some lively tunes, and “Team Hoffman” offered a fabulous reception which is well known now in the music community of our area. The event took place at the home of Stan and Judy Stearns who generously provided their beautiful garden by the water, a most magical location. Thank you to everyone who contributed and attended, for your smiles and your being. What a wonderful night!

We had many people who were not able to attend due to conflicts with their summer schedules. We are so sorry that we couldn’t accommodate you this year, but we will definitely want to do this again next summer, so you have something to look forward to! We promise that our organ concert committee won’t disappoint!

Because of your generous gifts our organ concert series promises to present a fantastic program year once again for 2019–2020, our “fifth season.” We are laying a wonderful foundation for the future of music at St Andrew’s, both for the people of our church in worship together, and as outreach to people outside of the church in the community. We are grateful and honored to be a part of group who love to be open and who share what is given. Thank you so much.

Love and peace to our church family

Naomi Shiga, Music Director at St. Andrew’s
Jonathan Wohlers, Artist-in-Residence at St. Andrew’s