Are you ready for the BIG ONE?

Please join us on September 14 from 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM for a presentation on emergency awareness by the City of Tacoma Emergency Preparedness Team.
Disaster preparedness takes individual effort and the whole community working together. The presentation will include an overview of hazards in the area, what to expect from first responders and other agencies during a major disaster, how to receive emergency alerts, and what you should do during an earthquake. We will talk about what you can do at home to help keep yourself, family, pets, and neighbors prepared for a disaster.
The presenter will also briefly discuss free training opportunities such as the Map Your Neighborhood Program, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Stop the Bleed Class, and CPR. There will also be several informational brochures available as well as a few items to help get started with your disaster kits.
This presentation is open to the community, so please invite your neighbors and friends.