Our Vestry is lending you an ear! Come share your ideas and insights!


Please join our church leadership team, on Sunday, Sept. 29, to get to know each other better and to share thoughts, concerns, and questions about our shared parish life.

On Sunday, August 25, Pam Tinsley preached an insightful sermon on the passage in Luke 13:10-17, in which Jesus heals a woman, and then is condemned by synagogue leaders for healing on the Sabbath. Pam began her sermon by noting something between the lines of the text—that Jesus was able to notice people and things that others missed. Simply being able to take notice of that woman in the crowd was something extraordinary.

In our vestry meeting a few days earlier, we discussed our all-too-human limitations in noticing, in getting to know more members of the congregation better and listen to more of their thoughts, concerns, and questions. Our annual parish meeting gives us a good chance to meet and listen to members of the parish, and we have looked back on these conversations throughout the year.

We decided that we would like more opportunities like these throughout the year, so we decided to set aside a time to meet with, get to know, and listen to more members of the parish.

Don Ramage