Church and community come together for Celtic Faire

Over the weekend of Oct. 19 -20, St. Andrew’s hosted our 12th Annual Celtic Faire for members of our community. On Saturday between 350-400 people visited St. Andrew’s, many of whom had visited previous faires. Community members were excited to visit, and many of them thanked us for hosting the event.

As always, our Celtic Faire would not have been possible without the help and participation of so many St. Andrew’s members. Many, many St. Andrew’s parishioners (and even some of their friends!) pitched in to make this a success. It couldn’t have happened without this army of volunteers!

Several team leaders met and worked for months to make it all possible. Pam Tinsley & her team publicized our faire, and Dave Tinsley booked an amazing lineup of talent and made it possible for people to plan their visit by keeping our website up to date. Linda Brice once again organized our amazing 2nd Time Around jewelry shop which seems to grow each year, and Bill Brice continues to keep our finances organized. Rena Girard helped us celebrate clans of St. Andrew’s with crests in the sanctuary and Sunday’s Calling of the Clans. Victoria Dodson led a flurry of baking parties, and Mary Boyce organized and managed the bake shoppe on the day of the faire. Sandy Dick once again organized the Lunch Shoppe, and Eve Yabroff, Judy Nelson and Mel Taukolo stepped in on the day of the faire to lead a crew who fed many hungry visitors. Fr. Martin recruited talented vendors who provided great shopping opportunities and organized another great Celtic Spirituality seminar. As usual, our tea-room was an elegant stop for many, thanks to Jean Lubken’s organization and hard work leading an amazing and hardworking crew. Ken & Pam Rhodes headed up an awesome team who served us an amazing lamb dinner, and Kristina Younger and her team put on an amazing auction. Shirley Morton and her team provided great crafts for visiting kids, and Norbert Herriges & his team set it all up and took it all back down again.

Many thanks to this amazing leadership team for all their hard work, and thank you to all who helped in so many ways to make this faire such a success!

Plan ahead for next year – our faire is tentatively set for Oct. 17th & 18th!

Dancers from Haley Prendergast School of Irish Dance perform on our Big Stage