Stewardship Committee

Purpose: The Stewardship Committee plans and facilitates the annual pledge campaign at St. Andrew’s.

Current leaders: Fr. Martin Yabroff

How can I join? Contact Fr. Martin Yabroff

Endowment Fund Committee

Purpose: The St. Andrew’s Endowment Fund committee works to promote endowment and encourage growth of the Endowment Fund. They also help raise awareness of the Bishop’s Society, as well as the activities of the Diocesan Planned Giving committee. Policy and procedures for the Endowment Committee are available in the church office. The Endowment Committee shall: (1) Educate the congregation on the importance of having a will, including the consideration of planned giving to St. Andrews Church; (2) Insure that any donations to the Endowment Fund are recognized with a thank you note or letter; (3) Encourage those gifts by educating the Parish about the Endowment Fund; (4) Explain the purpose of the Bishop’s Society to the Parish and add those people who have arranged legacies to the church to the Society membership; and (5) Administer the St. Andrew’s Legacy Society, acknowledging those people who have arranged legacies, and coordinate any activities.

Current Leader:

How can I join? Members are elected at the Annual Meeting



Finance Committee

Purpose: The Committee meets on a regular basis to review financial information, to prepare the annual budgets, and to insure that the financial records are audited on an annual basis. This data is provided to the Rector, the Vestry, and the members of the Parish. The Finance Ministry has oversight for the money counting teams, who count and deposit weekly all funds donated. Operating policy for the Finance Committee is available through the church office.

Current Leader: Bill Brice, Parish Treasurer

Beth Rich, Bookkeeper

How can I join? Speak with the Treasurer or Rector. Members are appointed by the Vestry.



Memorial Fund Committee

Purpose: This ministry meets as needed and recommends to the Vestry the use of Memorial funds for the purchase of items to enhance our worship and meet other parish needs in memory of parishioners.

Current Leader: Fr. Martin Yabroff

How can I join? Contact Fr. Martin Yabroff



Fundraising Committee

Purpose: The purpose of this ministry is to raise funds for the operating budget, to raise funds for parish community and to raise awareness and interest in St. Andrew’s among the larger community. Current fund-raising activities include Celtic Faire, Quiz Night and the sale of our Cookie Cookbook and note cards.

Current Leader: Linda Brice

How can I join? Contact Linda Brice or the church office